Who is planning to play golf immediately when it returns in the UK?

Will you plan as soon as golf returns?
  • Yes
  • Depending on the weather
  • Already am, no restrictions
  • No

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As soon as courses are open I will
Be back out there. :ok_hand:t2:

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Oh yes … I’ll be playing.

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Good that the weather is bad - I don’t mind not playing at the moment!

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As a high ish handicapper, I take every opportunity to practice and take my practice to the course. My garden has taken a few unexpected divots, so I can’t wait until our club returns in phases to normality.

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Featured this today. Will golfers who aren’t members of clubs struggle for tee time and access again?

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Courses are open here is Scotland. Only closure was the first 10 weeks of lockdown from last March. Play is limited to members of 2 households playing together so most clubs are only allowing 2-balls to play.
Unfortunately, there is a travel ban against crossing county lines except for a few special reasons.
My club is in the next county so out of bounds to me.

That must be so frustrating! Is the course open though or closed due to the weather?

Clubhouse is closed but the course is open.
It was closed for 10 days or so but is now back open and since all greens are USGA standard, they are not playing on winter greens.

cant wait bought new clubs

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Played Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.
Got better each day and got more aches and pains each day too.

After the early rush.
Back to regular Monday and Wednesdays this week