Powakaddy CT6 accessory fitting

I have just got one of these and I am going round in circles trying to get an answer on how to fit my accessories.

The pictures show an accessory station that screws into the handle.

Powakaddy support tell me that everything is on the box with the accessory yet the stockist say that one isn’t needed.

I am now the proud owner of a score card holder that I cannot attach.

Can anyone advise what I need and where I would get it.


Have you removed the grey panel near the top of the trolley handle where the accessory attaches? I think there’s a bolt underneath that you have undo. Once that is off, you attach the ‘crossbar’ bit of the scorecard holder, with the long bolt that should be included, into the place where that panel was. Then the actual scorecard holder clamps to the end of the ‘crossbar’.

Cheers mate managed to get sorted