Old Man Needs Help

Hello fellow golfers,

I have been an avid golfer for many years, but as time has passed, I find myself facing some mobility challenges that make it difficult for me to bend or kneel down comfortably. This has posed some significant challenges when it comes to reading greens effectively.

I wanted to reach out to this wonderful community to seek your advice and insights. I know many of you are experienced golfers with a wealth of knowledge, and I believe your input could be immensely valuable.

My primary inquiry revolves around finding solutions or devices that assist golfers with physical limitations like myself in effectively reading greens without the need to kneel or bend over. Are any of you aware of any existing devices or solutions designed specifically to aid golfers with physical limitations in green reading? If so, I would greatly appreciate it if you could share your knowledge and provide any details or recommendations.

Additionally, I would be grateful to hear about any personal experiences or creative techniques that you or others have employed to overcome similar challenges. The insights shared here could potentially make a significant difference in my enjoyment and performance on the course.

Thank you in advance for your time and assistance. I look forward to your valuable responses and the collective wisdom of this fantastic golfing community.

In relation to green reading then it might be worth looking at Aimpoint. This involves using your stance to ascertain slopes and a few other methods which don’t require any real bending down. If @MattHolbrook still visits this forum I’m sure he can provide more info. Additionally, check out this short series of videos to give a brief overview of Aimpoint