Golfshake Handicap App for WHS adds 4% to Handicap calculation-Why?

I’ve been using the Golfshake App to track my Handicap for some while now. I have 187 rounds tracked.

When calculating the Handicap, I’m wondering why Golfshake adds 4% to the Average of the 8 best rounds. I can’t fathom out why it does this?

Indeed , I can’t find any other organisation that does it.

Can anyone shed any light on why?

We obviously don’t provide what is deemed an ‘official’ handicap as we are not an affiliated golf club to any national governing body. Thus the handicap we provide, whilst similar, differs slightly in the processes we apply and how we calculate for non club who may not play regularly at a home club. The % was something we initially introduced to factor out some anomolies and not dissimilar to a previous international handicapping index the was available via the USGA.

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