Difference in Handicap on site vs email


Our group recently switched to the WHS and since then our handicaps have been doing some odd things.

2 of us scored 45+ on a round and both saw our handicaps go up by 2.4!

Despite that, the emailed round reports look more normal. For example, I’m 33 on the website but 28 on the email (yes I know, not great!)

Has anyone else experienced this?

Minor glitch with the report not being updated. All now resolved and future reports will be correct.

Basically we are tracking both the old and index handicaps for everyone regardless but the data being shown hadn’t been updated to the index if you had switched.

Also for Golfshake Handicap Index queries you will find some ‘turbulance’ whilst it evens out to have the best 8 of 20 available. Plus whilst some of the scorecard data is updated from members with updated slope info. You can find more info here plus if you spot any old scorecard data simply email us at help at golfshake dot com


Regards, Darre.n