Beta Handicap Index Feedback

Hi, I’ve a couple of questions on the Index - our group are looking to switch over at some point, to tally with those of us who have club WHS handicaps.

Would be interested on your thoughts in due course,
many thanks, R

  • the text block on the handicap index page, says “based on your X best of X rounds”: is this 8 from 20 (once you’ve played 20)?
  • there’s a typo in the Current Golfshake Handicap section: “existence for several year’'s” doesn’t need an apostrophe :slight_smile:
  • my Index is shown as 11.2 … but the average of the best 8 “Round HCP” scores is 11.4. n.b. There are 10 rounds marked with the icon for “used in the Index calculation” but the average of those 10 is 11.7 [7.0,10.5,11.8,12.0,12.2,12.2,12.7,12.7,12.7,12.8]
  • the Diff Rating for a course isn’t consistent: e.g Cranham shows 124 (20 Sep, 3/4 Oct) but 113 later (27 Apr)
  • the Diff Rating for Prince’s (Shore/Dunes) is 116 - yet Stockwood Park is 142. Prince’s is a tough links course whereas Stockwood is a more generous track. Are such anomalies to be expected?

@richaux hoping to have the updated Golfshake Handicap Index system live this week at long last!

Q1 - At present we have set up for best 10 of 20 but just doing some final checks
Q3 - Similar to the WHS we apply an adjustment on the average so not 100% an average. I need to check but something like 98.5% of the average
Q4/Q5 - Can you email any cards with updates to help at golfshake dot com we are presently getting members to send in updates and helping to update the system, this will then remove the need for our own ‘difficultly’ calculation.

Does your society use the Golfshake system? One of the delays is due to us actually running both systems in parallel and allowing societies to set players to use either the old system or updated Golfshake Index system. We are just doing some final testing before putting live.

Regards, Darren.

Thanks for the quick reply Darren.

I’ve received the email re: the Handicap Update; very timely :slight_smile: – covers the topic well.

Yes, our society does use GS, as not everyone in the group is a member at a club, so using GS makes it consistent enough. For us, we’re not particularly fussed about following a particular approach – we’re expecting that there may be some winners & losers when we switch from old to Index!

thanks for all your efforts, regards, R

I know you call it an index, but why not replicate the new world golf handicap calculations? For example use best 8 of last 20 rounds.

Is there a reason for not replication the exact new system?


Changes were made this week with the system now using best 8 following feedback.

@Bill similar to the old system where we didn’t follow CONGU exactly this is the same for the Golfshake Handicap Index and WHS. This is largely due to us differing slightly and allowing members to submit all rounds they play for all courses, although I appreciate this is part of the WHS. We also tried to simplify our system as well and have left things out like the hard and soft caps and will track against all rounds and not just a set time frame which allows members who have used Golfshake for a number of years to see the trends over time.

You can find full information on the Golfshake system here as well as ongoing updates: