A Guide to Choosing the Right Golf Tee

Introduction to Golf Tees

Understanding the Importance of Golf Tees

Golf tees are essential for every golfer, providing a stable base for the ball. They impact your shot’s accuracy and distance. Understanding the importance of tees can enhance your game.

  1. Elevates the ball for better contact
  2. Reduces friction with the ground
  3. Provides consistency in ball positioning

Types of Golf Tees

There are various types of golf tees, each catering to different needs. Knowing the differences helps in selecting the right one for your game.

  1. Plastic tees
  2. Bamboo golf tees

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Golf Tee


The material of the golf tee affects its durability and performance. Different materials offer unique benefits and drawbacks.

  1. Wooden: traditional and biodegradable
  2. Plastic: durable and often reusable
  3. Composite: blend of materials for balanced performance


The length of the tee is crucial for proper ball elevation. Choosing the right length depends on your club and playing style.

  1. Standard tees: for drivers
  2. Short tees: for irons and fairway woods
  3. Extra-long tees: for oversized drivers

Matching Tees to Your Clubs


When using a driver, the tee’s height is significant for optimal launch angle. Choosing the right tee can enhance your distance.

  1. Use longer tees for higher launch
  2. Consider adjustable-height tees
  3. Ensure the ball’s equator is level with the driver’s top edge

Irons and Fairway Woods

Irons and fairway woods require different tee heights compared to drivers. Selecting the appropriate tee ensures better contact and control.

  1. Use shorter tees for lower ball flight
  2. Focus on stability and control
  3. Avoid too much elevation to prevent topping the ball

Specialty Tees

Performance Tees

Performance tees are designed to improve specific aspects of your game. They can help reduce resistance and increase distance.

  1. Brush tees: minimize friction
  2. Anti-slice tees: correct slice tendencies
  3. Low-resistance tees: enhance speed and distance

Eco-Friendly Tees

Eco-friendly tees are made from biodegradable or sustainable materials. They are an excellent choice for environmentally conscious golfers.

  1. Bamboo tees: durable and biodegradable
  2. Cornstarch tees: fully compostable
  3. Recycled plastic tees: sustainable and reusable


Choosing the right golf tee can significantly impact your performance. By understanding the different types, materials, and lengths, you can select a tee that complements your game. Remember to match the tee to your clubs and consider specialty options for enhanced performance.