Viewing figures

I am in full agreement with your commentator there are a lot of people including me out there who cannot or will not pay the ransome to watch golf or any sport on Sky, it may be alright to charge for everyday run of the mill sport ,but in my opinion national events such as the Open Golf, the Test Match Cricket ,the FA cup,Wimbeldon ,and other major events should be on terrestrial television, as for golf i used to watch the Open on BBC for upto 8 hours a day,ever since Sky took over i have not watched any golf on tv,i think the answer to your question lies right there.

Everything you said. Even women’s golf isn’t available which would be cheap to buy and it’s easy on the eye and more easily related to what amateurs do.

Exact, why should your everyday man or woman be held to ransome so the greedy professionals can pick up 4 million dollars for half a weeks work . I would never suscribe to sky on principle that one person can pay £30 whilst the next wi pay double for the same thing ,although it may be legal it is still a scam