So, how was it?

Except for those in Scotland who were lucky enough to get away with it, many of us have seen lockdown restrictions lifted and the courses back open. Have you been able to get out yet and how did it go? Better or worse than expectations?

It was good enough, yes the lockdown imposed many restrictions but we still managed to enjoy a lot.

It was so good to get back out. Golf wasn’t great but I guess only to be expected. Just hearing the noise of the driver hitting the ball up the fairway and the banter was superb in itself.

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Really good to get back out there. Though think I over did it by playing Mon, Tue, Wed and Friday.
Feeling more aches and pains after each round after using muscles that haven’t seen any action for months.

Just glad to be back on the course (forget the scores) and seeing friends that have been isolated for soo long

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Feature we did