Powacaddy FW7s gps golf trolley

Bought this model late 2018 mainly for the Built in GPS in the handle.
Recently changed golf club approx 7 miles from my previous club. Since moving clubs my trolley does not recognise my new clubs golf course.
I looked on the Powacaddy Website to see if the gps could be updated. I downloaded a tool that updates the firmware and course updates. I then used a USB cable to upload the new firmware version which was successful
But the course update when trying to upload kept showing server error
Spoke to Powacaddy customer service and told me tough luck, they were not supporting course updates any longer and advised me to buy a new handle aprox cost £280 with blue tooth capability for updating course details.
I can’t believe after 3.5 years of use my gps can no longer be updated. Has anyone else encounter this problem, if so can anyone advise if there is an alternative to resolve my problem.
I think Powacaddys attitude is quite contemptible. You would expect them to support the software for a minimum of 5 years or more, or have a nominal charge to update.