How would you choose a new club to join?

After moving house late last year I’m now too far away to stay as a member at my golf club. I did try it out for a couple of months as I really didn’t want to move, but almost an hour each way was just too much. The final straw was on the day I planned to be my last round I arrived to an empty car park to find out the course was closed due to snow (there was none by me and the website was updated 5 minutes after I left home!)

I reluctantly handed in my notice just before we started this latest lockdown (and before we knew it was coming) so now I’m without a club and need to find a new one. I’m fortunate to have a fair number within 30 minutes of home, some of which I’ve played before. They range from ‘traditional’ private members clubs to hotel resorts with everthing in between. So the question for everyone

How would you go about choosing a new club in a new area where you don’t know any of the members at any of them?

I have two clubs nearer to my house than the one I’ve joined, but the one I am at is the most friendly club I have ever known. No sly remarks behind peoples backs, and it’s a club with big plans going forward thanks to our new green keeper.

Hi Chris,
Personally my primary consideration would be how good is the golf course . After that I would be checking out practice facilities and clubhouse facilities.

Also check the club diary and notice boards they will give a good indication of whether the club caters for your needs.

A good club will have a happy membership so talk to them.

For me better travelling a little further for a quality experience.

Hope this helps.

Best Regards

Good clubs generally have a full membership and some still have waiting lists.

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I could be in a similar situation fairly soon.

As Daisy said get to know the club, course and membership before making a decision. When checking out the noticeboards see if they’re well maintained with current notices and not last years BBQ notice.

If a club is interested in you as a member, ask if they’ll let you have a short term membership without obligation to see if you like them.

All the usual course requirements should also be considered.

Sure you’ll make the right choice.


Thanks for the input guys, it’s not an easy choice to make when you can’t even get out and get a feel for the courses due to lockdown! I’ve been very fortunate with my last two clubs (The Belfry and Minchinhampton) as they both had more than one course so it never got too ‘samey’ and I think that’s what made it difficult to choose

I’ve decided to go for the best course (focus on course not club) with no joining fee so that I can look at all the options around me whilst still getting the playing benefits and no financial ties. That one also has pretty good practice facilities too which I feel is important. I also have a small bonus as I took a winter membership (3 months) with another course that was supposed to start at the beginning of January but due to lockdown they are giving me the 3 months from lockdown finishing to the end of June which means I have the choice of 2 courses for a while

First tee time post-lockdown is already booked, my expectations are not high!

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Similar problem here but also looking for a course that will allow my teenager son to join and participate but not charge way too much for a junior that may take it or leave it!

I did look at PlayMoreGolf options but seem to be more focused at adults. I’ve some local options but price varies massively for junior access.

I’ve got a similar issue with me having played for a long time but the wife is just starting out. We have very different needs from a club and course, it’s really hard to find a good balance. We may even up members at different clubs for a year or so

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Can’t quite join a different club to my son :wink: but like you we have different requirements and I need to make sure we both get valule for money from memberships. Actually quite shocked how much junior membership differs between clubs.