Golf injury survey

UK Based Golfers

We are looking for golfers in the UK to complete a 10-minute survey about golf injuries. Both those that have and have not suffered injuries are eligible.

With the evolution of the modern golf swing, we feel this is the appropriate time to survey the type, regularity and severity of injuries suffered by UK based golfers. The survey has full ethical approval from Abertay University and will help inform the future direction of our work in regards to golf performance and injury prevention.

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Any further question please email the contact details noted on the information sheet or comment below.

Thanks in advance.

We have had an encouraging response to this so far, so thanks to all members that have completed the survey so far. We are 10% of the way to our target of 1000 responses so please continue to complete and share with friends. We are excited this is going to help inform the future our our research groups work.