Club Membership 2021

What’s everyone planning to do in 2021 and is much changing with your membership from 2020?

We’ve just published some survey data on Golfshake and will shortly follow up with information in relation to non club members as well. You can find more here:

Cancelled my local club membership of 22 years due to course going down hill and being taken in the wrong direction by a very mature members club committee.

I intend to be a nomadic golfer for the foreseeable. However I love playing in open competition so I’m looking for a way to keep my handicap active.

You would think England golf would have thought of a way to encourage all golfers to have a legitimate handicap but they seem only to represent club membership golf.

Any ideas how you can have an official handicap without being a club member.

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i’ve recently retired and will albeing well be joining Derby golf club, Sinfin, i has a good senior
section that plays twice a week, along with normal stablefords,medals on Saturdays and sometimes Sundays, so plenty of golf to be had hopefully !
cheers Ian

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If you have a search online the national governing bodies are talking about obtaining an ‘official’ handicap via them for a fee. Full details have yet to be published and you may find restrictions with open comps but watch look out over the coming months for further information.

You can still get a golf handicap and handicap index via Golfshake though using our free service if you want to benchmark your game:

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Awesome, sounds like a great plan and golf is so much more than just playing. The social aspect can also be so important along with the competition which is why golf is so great.

HI Darren
Absolutely, i was a member there about 15 years ago but had to stop, i play presently in a golf society although last year we could only manage matches in August, September and October due to Covid, the senior section at Sinfin is a pretty thriving one by all accounts and ill have more than enough golf to satisfy along with my society! Also i will be popping down to the club in good weather to practice, something which ive been unable to do for a long time !
Cheers Ian

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Thanks for the info and yes I do use Golfshake to track my handicap

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Daisy, I’ve often said that if I wasn’t a long-term club member with a bunch of golfing mates I would join one of the clubs run by hotel chains that have several golf courses who offer membership for about £300. It will include a number of rounds but, more importantly, they have to keep your official handicap for you. Use the rounds that are included so you are not out of pocket and play in all the Opens you fancy!

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Another major benefit of being a golf club member - accessing the additional facilities such as the practice areas!

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Thanks thats one of the options I have been thinking of👍

Some good options here as well in this article including the likes of PlayMoreGolf

I am a NOMAD golfer, and I play golf for fun. It’s a game. I have no interest in getting a handicap (I could via GOLFSHAKE), and no interest in playing formal competitions. If I were to join a club, I would feel the need to play mainly at that club in order to get my moneys worth. That would be boring. Golfers have a choice, and the costs are probably similar. a) Join a club, pay the sub, get a handicap, play mainly the home course, play competitions, possibly matches at other clubs. b) Be a NOMAD, pay the green fees at many different clubs. Long may these two choices be available.


This is so true and ultimately what all consumers are after so there isn’t a one size fits all product. Lots of clubs are adapting though and lots of choice for golfers.

Reply from a letter I sent to England golf regarding official handicap for nomadic golfers.
England golf are hoping to have a handicap system in place for non club members sometime soon.
You can follow updates on England golf tagging on independent golfers.

I’m a member of Qhotels group. My home club is Oulton Hall (Leeds).
£375 for 100 points this allows me to play at a range of courses and depending on day/time the tariff changes.

How many rounds on average over the year do you get for your 100pts?

Depends what time of day you play.
Midweek Before lunch 7pts. Afternoon 5pts.
After 3:00 is 3pts
So 14 rounds a peak. 20 if afternoons and 33 if all after 3:00.
Ida arm for a social golfer.

Ideal for a social golfer

I too play at Oulton Hall using the QFairway method. Suits me as I don’t play enough to warrant paying for full membership but gives me an official handicap to use anywhere. Plus you get discount on selected Qhotel facilities.
There is an alternative called “Play more golf” which a lot of independent clubs accept, Worth a google

Thanks for the quality info😁